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Over many years, we have helped clients across the country correct errors and improve their score. We are a non-profit consumer advocacy organization that is strategically aligned with a nationwide network of attorneys that deal in credit law. If you’re looking for results – with zero out-of-pocket cost – we are ready to fight for you.

My FCRA dispute ended up being a simple process with very little leg work that needed to be done on my end. Once I was able to turn in my three Credit Reports and additional documents they were able to begin my dispute while I sat back and awaited the decision. I was very pleased to learn the case was settled and had the errors removed from my Credit Reports.

Charles C.

Mesa, AZ

Andrew H. Profile Image

Credit Koda was instrumental in helping me remove a collection on my credit report. I'm a disabled veteran who graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 with a zero balance. All I had to do was get Credit Koda the proper documentation and they were on the case. It took less than 30 days for this collection to be removed from all 3 of my credit reports. I paid no out of pocket expenses and I'm forever thankful.

Andrew H.

Las Vegas, NV


I want to thank you for removing the error from my Equifax report, and providing me with a portion of the settlement. The portion of the settlement was very appreciated and unexpected. The process was absolutely free and there were no repercussions since the case was settled.

Dasya Z.

Chino Valley, AZ


Get us the proof, we’ll get you the results.

No matter the error, we always find a solution.

If you’ve noticed a mistake on your credit report, and you can provide us with proof, our team of professionals will move quickly to get it corrected. Just get us your paperwork and then sit back and let us do what we do best – fight with the big guys to restore your credit and get your true score. Because we are strategically aligned with a network of attorneys, we’re able to have your error corrected 100% of the time.

How we help you correct your credit report.

STEP 1: We work with you to dispute legitimate errors on your credit file by sending a legally binding letter to the creditor and credit bureaus requesting your error be corrected.

STEP 2: If your error is not removed, we will work with our attorney network to proceed with a formal lawsuit against the creditors and lenders. This ensures your error is corrected 100% of the time.

Request a Free Credit Correction Consultation.

When we act, the lenders & credit agencies respond.

Our “signature” credit correction process gets you the results you're looking for!

We have a tried-and-true process that works! Unlike big credit correction companies that make more money by sending letter after letter wasting your time, we are a non-profit organization who has the muscle to get you the results you want, quickly.


Standing up for the hard working folks.

At Credit KODA, we fight because the credit industry is stacked in favor of lenders and credit bureaus.

Think about it. Something as small as being 30 days late on a payment — regardless of the reason or circumstance — will result in a negative record on your credit report that will haunt you for seven years. Just one slip will cost you higher interest rates, along with the mental and emotional burden of having a damaged credit score.

Our strategic legal partners don't let creditors and bureaus get away with making mistakes. They hold them to the same unapologetic standards they hold you to.

With Credit KODA on your side, the lenders and credit bureaus are forced to move, and you get results.

Request a Free Credit Correction Consultation.

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