About Us

At Credit KODA, we are all about the consumer.

We exist solely for the purpose of protecting people’s rights for fair and accurate reporting in their credit reports.  We do this because people’s credit ranking is important if they are to live a full, happy life. 

Credit KODA is a not-for-profit consumer advocacy organization that fights for the little guy – seemingly when nobody else will. Because of our shared values, Credit KODA entered into a strategic alliance with a network of attorneys. Because of this alliance Credit KODA has access to a trusted network of experienced attorneys that allows us to assist people throughout the United States who struggle with correcting errors on their credit reports. We do this at no cost to people because Credit KODA is a 501(c)3 foundation with objectives other than profit.

According to statistics, credit reporting errors are rampant in this country and consumers are either unaware of them or unable to get them corrected when dealing with the three major credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The result is their inability to live a normal life as consumers who deserve to be trusted with credit. 

Credit KODA uses a signature two-step process that holds the credit bureaus accountable for errors made on people’s reports and with the proper paperwork or proof, action is taken to have these mistakes corrected in 45 days or less. If that doesn’t happen, we turn to our network of attorneys for the legal muscle necessary to deal with creditors and the credit agencies. 

We work very hard to help consumers get their lives back in order with their credit restored and their peace of mind and financial freedoms preserved.


Our unwavering mission is help our clients fight for justice, reclaim their dignity and true worth.

We do this work because we believe that every victim deserves a champion.

In everything we do, what’s most important to us are to be these things: 

CARING: Show others you value them. 

HEROIC: No matter what, save the day. 

TRUSTWORTHY: Be honest and keep your word. 

AMAZING: Delight others with your performance. 

Your consumer rights for accuracy and fairness are preserved under the law so don’t suffer any longer with an undeserved low credit score; put Credit KODA to work for you today.


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