By: Paul Kellam

The impact of bankruptcy on your credit report and overall financial standing.

Bankruptcy or “BK” as it is commonly referred to, no longer carries the stigma that it once did.  Things occur in our lives that are unforeseen, yet they can impact us both personally and professionally. Covid-19 is just one such notable example as many people have reduced incomes, been furloughed or have lost their jobs […]

What is the FCRA and why is it so important that you know?

F.C.R.A. stands for the Fair Credit Reporting Act and this is a consumer protection law that helps to ensure the accuracy, fairness and privacy of the information in a consumer’s credit bureau files. The purpose of this federal law is to regulate the way credit agencies can collect, access and share the information in your personal credit reports. Why is this so important?  Because a […]

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