"My FCRA dispute ended up being a simple process with very little leg work that needed to be done on my end. Once I was able to turn in my three Credit Reports and additional documents they were able to begin my dispute while I sat back and awaited the decision. I was very pleased to learn the case was settled and had the errors removed from my Credit Reports."

Charles C.

Mesa, AZ

"Credit Koda was instrumental in helping me remove a collection on my credit report. I'm a disabled veteran who graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 with a zero balance. All I had to do was get Credit Koda the proper documentation and they were on the case. It took less than 30 days for this collection to be removed from all 3 of my credit reports. I paid no out of pocket expenses and I'm forever thankful."

Andrew H.

Las Vegas, NV

"I want to thank you for removing the error from my Equifax report, and providing me with a portion of the settlement. The portion of the settlement was very appreciated and unexpected. The process was absolutely free and there were no repercussions since the case was settled."

Dasya Z.

Chino Valley, AZ

"Paul Kellam is the most professional and efficient Legal Assistant whose knowledge and proficiency has helped me resolved the issue I had on my credit report which resulted to the collection debt removed by one of credit bureaus. He is timely on his followup and excellent with his customer service. I highly recommend Credit Koda."

Hart S.

Celebration, FL

"Credit KODA are 100% legit when they say NO cost to YOU! Paul Kellam, and the rest of the team are amazing. I had two accounts on my credit report that had just shown up one day, and I had no idea where to look. I google Credit KODA, and without charging me anything they got it taken off my credit report in two weeks. I’m in the process of going back again, and it’s the only place I’ll go to get my credit fixed! Thank you Paul and team!"

Tanner S.

Fort Worth, TX

"They pulled the Portfolio Recovery collection OFF of my Equifax and Transunion credit reports! My FICO scores just shot up by 50 points since last week. Thank you so much! I can finally feel like all of this is behind me and move on with my life. Again, thank you!"

Jack M.

Hereford, AZ

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